Consulting services

Consulting services Hendyplan

We can import the exact type of expertise you need and frame tailor-made solutions for enhancing your data and their information content.

We have made the choice to cover the full spectrum of statistical, econometric and economic services portfolio, integrating IT strategy and tools.

We deliver professional services and technology solutions for the development of information architectures, managing data production processes and for addressing methodological solutions to data needs.

HENDYPLAN bridges research with state-of-the art technologies; our solutions are fuelled through the alignment of the right people, methodolgies, and tools.

We can provide expertise and support throughout the entire information lifecycle, including advanced data modelling, statistical support software, statistical modelling and data elaboration.

Our global network of consultants has the extensive scientific expertise and practical experience to implement the right methods, solve and circumvent problems, and proactively address your needs. In accordance with our core competencies and responding to the needs of our market place, we offer our consulting services in the following areas

  • Statistical modeling: we design and develop statistical methods and processes from data collection, management and organization to processing, analysis and dissemination of information.
  • Econometric modeling: the focus of our activities is to design and apply statistical and mathematical principles for the formulation of econometric models. We create and maintaining custom-built economic models to meet your particular needs.
  • Study design, we design the necessary strategy, methodology and approach optimizing the quality of information gathered, and ensuring that accurate and appropriate analyses can be performed.
  • Statistical software development, we apply the theories and methods of statistics, econometrics and economic analysis to create, test, and evaluate effective software applications and systems.

We are able to import the exact type of expertise you need, to frame a tailor-made solution and customize the tool to your own context.

Some of advantages to Hendyplan are


customizationwe take time to understand your needs and we find solutions specific to problems at hand


innovationwe use state-of-art methodologies and modern technologies for providing “out-of-the-box” orientation to problem solving


partnershipwe apply a personalized approach for each client with focus on knowledge transfer and capacity building


expertisewe make available the collaboration of world leading scientists


experiencethe company has long and established reputation and all the members of our teams have hands-on field experience