We offer an effective approach to back-casting, based on solid methodological bases, taking in knowledge on data and outfitted with easy-to-use software solutions fully integrated within your production chain

The length of series is a key element for identifying phenomenon and the availability of long, non-interrupted, time series is essential to support of a full appraisal of business cycle both in historical perspective and for forecasting purposes.

We can provide expertise on a large variety of methods used for the reconstructing historical time series; the theoretical and operational framework for estimating past values of relevant time series starting from limited information; and approaches and technical solutions based on the available information and on the characteristics of the needed series.

Our team of experienced statisticians can assist you in the determination of the most appropriate approach for a clear definition of the methods and the production of results with high quality, comparability and coherence of series, thus ensuring correct interpretation and utilization.

To discuss how your organisation can gain an advantage, try us. We will evaluate your needs and dataset, and propose state of the art techniques: straight, efficient and easy to access


usabilityeasy-to-use software solutions


experticeexpertise on a large variety of methods


excellenceteam of experienced statisticians


effectivenessthe systems we construct are fast, safe, and flexible