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TROLL: all you need to development and fine-tuning of your econometric and modelling applications

Data management:

Data representation and best performance in computation makes easy accessing your data.

  • TROLL provides the widest range of data management tools available in econometric/data manipulation packages and includes an extensive library of more than 350 functions for your data transformation, in diverse areas.
  • TROLL covers the all types you need (numeric, string, date, Boolean, missing value) and all possible organisations (scalar, array, scalar time series, array time series).
  • TROLL is fully compatible with the most known external products of the business area including FAME, AREMOS, MATLAB, EVIEWS, etc. TROLL also has an efficient interface to exchange DATA with MS-EXCEL through a dedicated library. 

Modelling language:

No limitation on size, many different regression methods…

  • TROLL is capable handling very large systems of equations and includes a wide range of single and multiple equation estimation techniques for both time series and cross-section data.
  • TROLL contains many functions to manipulate the text of equations from the interactive access level of via Macros and the TROLL Programming Language.

Simulation and forecasting:

Definitively the state of the art!

  • TROLL is flexible, efficient, and makes available a full system of with state of the art algorithms and integrated tools; it contains a valuable stochastic simulator.
  • TROLL offers a famous module for advanced modellers – LKROOTS – performing eigen values / vectors analysis on the  linearized form of the system of equations, for both backward and forward-looking models.


TROLL offers a library of no more than 7 different optimizers user can activate in solving steps upon request