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HENDYPLAN provides a full range of services to institutions in virtually every segment of the information management process:

Data architecture and optimization, information management,systems integration, and custom development of IT solutions, plus analytics and modelling expertise.

We provide tailored support for methods, technology and integration into IT environment, our qualified professionals can help you drive your data toward information — that means increasing efficiency,improving results, and capturing innovation. In particular, we offer services to information systems in FAME and SAS.


FAME software is a leading environment providing a robust set of content and infrastructure components for data management, processing and analysis.

HENDYPLAN is recognised by FAME Information Systems, Inc. as an official “Value Added Developer”.

We have extensive experience in developing and implementing a wide range of FAME applications as well as in training and integration.

Our services include:

  • Assistance to FAME installation and configuration
  • Definition of the data model
  • Management of the data dictionary
  • Tuning of the management of large databases
  • Writing of advanced FAME procedures
  • Linkage at C level with third party applications
  • Implementation of various seasonal adjustment methods
  • Reporting (graphs and tables) with FAME ready for the printer
  • Development of applications to update/extract data
  • Development of FAME intranet solutions


SAS is leader business analytics software, providing a large range of products for Information management.

HENDYPLAN is an official partner of SAS, as member of the “SAS Alliance Program”; due to this HENDYPLAN has access to the latest information seminars on latest developments and we can provide the widest and most precise coverage to clients’ needs and requests.

We also provide training sessions for advanced users and we make available a hotline for specialised technical topics.

Our services include:

  • Dedicated services for the development of on-site solutions, using the SAS development modules and also other external 3GL languages calling SAS
  • Training of users on all major modules i.e. SAS-BASE, GRAPH, ETS, IML, STAT, ACCESS, etc.
  • On-site consulting services, which may be for long periods (one year or more), by providing an expert, bringing to the client on-site knowledge, plus the advantage of HENDYPLAN’s team in the back-office.