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State-of-the-art environment for data and metadata management in time-series environment 

TROLL is an integrated software system for econometric modelling and statistical analysis.  TROLL is the primary econometric modelling and analysis tool at many of the world’s leading central banks, national and international governmental agencies, private companies (financial institutions and energy sector) in and prominent research laboratories in the academic world.

The complete TROLL suite has been developed initially in the fall 70s by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, and then by INTEX Solutions, Inc. (Boston, USA). HENDYPLAN arrived in this business in 1990 becoming the exclusive distributor of the product for Europe and recently for Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.

TROLL is a premium econometric modelling and analysis tool used by many of the world’s leading central banks, national and international government agencies, commercial institutions and research organisations.

TROLL is built on the complete integration of various tasks (calculation, model edition, estimation, simulation…). Hence, it’s very easy to store a data object at one place, recover it at another place and compute it again later; it is readily available anywhere within the TROLL environment. The integration of various tasks and the optimal use of the machine’s memory make TROLL the best solution for time series manipulation, analysis and model solving. Compatibility with MS-WINDOWS ensures a fast and comfortable interaction with your system:

  • integrated text editor,
  • interfaces, buttons and MS-WINDOWS flexibility,
  • MS-EXCEL interface, etc.

Alternatively, the product is also compatible with all major UNIX systems.

TROLL in all its editions is made available with a permanent hotline every working day (9am to 6pm, Brussels time) through which we will answer to your questions.

We have an active assistance to any of our users. Ask us questions before framing an application, we’ll advise on the way to implement it? You encounter a technical problem, you identify a bug? Let us know, we’ll take your report on board immediately and the correction will follow.

Your licensing contract is including this level of follow-up! Releases are available quite continuously and you’ll download it at the frequency you’ll like Our assistance contract is also including the maintenance of previous version, unless it is in the same generation of the product.

The software installation is completely controlled by a setup with extensive HTML documentation guiding you to either the software administrator or the users. The pages are accessible from any HTML browser, compatible between Unix and Ms-Windows.

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