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We offer a flexible analytical framework by creating a unique architecture where diverse processes work together for the same purpose

The identification and measurement of business cycles can bring a real input to manage risks to monetary stability and contribute more effectively to sustained economic growth.

HENDYPLAN has the capacity to provide the theoretical structure and the practical infrastructure to the timely production of indicators to monitor the cyclical evolution, and has the expertise to employ statistical and econometric techniques that can extract additional information from these indicators.

We have the capacity to recruit high-calibre experts on a wide range of disciplines, equipped with the latest techniques and who bring in our solutions substantial elements of innovation, knowledge and know-how:

  • Data filtering
  • Trend-cycle decomposition
  • Turning point detection
  • Convergence and synchronization
  • Business cycle measures and indicators
  • Vector autoregressive (VAR) modelling
  • Output gap analysis
  • Measures of cyclical transmission‚Ķ

Hendyplan can help you integrating tailored methodologies and the tools are available in JAVA, GAUSS, MATLAB, OX, SAS within your home-based IT architecture, using at best information from your data warehouse.


flexibleour business cycle analysis is flexible and developed with the latest techniques


diversitymany tools are available in JAVA, GAUSS, MATLAB, OX, SAS

time/money saving

time/money savingwe help clients to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible


assistancewe help you in integrating inside your home-based environment