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TROLL: A fully scalable tool for matching your needs

The TROLL suite includes the following editions:

  • TROLL native : The full library of data objects manipulations, econometric and modelling functionalities are available as a whole, with no limitation.
  • TROLL standard : It is the engine of the TROLL native accessible through a Ms-Windows graphical Interface, now-a-days a DOTNET environment in the most modern design, with docking station effect, dynamic toolbars, usage of multiple screens, etc.
  • TROLL in Client/Server technology: the same TROLL and the same interface as before but with a clear separation between the interface process and the TROLL process. The two may be on different machines. Environments of computation may become very sophisticated using multiple computers at the same time.
  • TROLL in ASSISTANT mode: At the top of Troll in Client Server technology, the interface in this packaging is much more sophisticated with end-user functionalities avoiding usage of many of the TROLL command keywords; it also contains an advanced reporting system and a mechanism to publish automatically a model on the web.