Expertise is not a unique knowledge but we believe it is combination of factors that blended together and deployed in the right way delivers expertise. For that reason we believe that we have a real and valuable expertise.

Not just because of the high knowledge of our experts but because of the combination of those scientists with our people and with the methods that we utilise.

This combination provides real expertise by providing context, tools, techniques and structure, with process, skills and capabilities.

It is a holistic approach to delivering solutions to clients, tailored to the client’s type, scope and scale of the needs.

Key knowledge areas

  • Back-CastingBack-CastingWe offer an effective approach to back-casting, based on solid methodological bases, taking in knowledge on data and outfitted with easy-to-use software solutions fully integrated within your production chainRead more
  • ForecastingForecastingWe offer a flexible approach to forecasting bringing state-of-art methods into effective systems, outfitted with modern software solutionsRead more
  • Business Cycle AnalysisBusiness Cycle AnalysisWe offer a flexible analytical framework by creating a unique architecture where diverse processes work together for the same purposeRead more
  • Revision AnalysisRevision AnalysisWe can develop a revision analysis solution which incorporates state-of-art methods and methodologies, takes in process and data specificities and provides easy-to-use tools for performing regular revisions analysis studiesRead more
  • Seasonal AdjustmentSeasonal AdjustmentWe can construct an efficient and reliable solution allowing for production of SA series, by using state-of-the art methods and techniques and maintaining the closest control of your data quality.Read more
  • Temporal DisaggregationTemporal DisaggregationWe can develop a specific solution to facilitate the transition from research mode to production mode, constructing a specific tool-box which takes in process and data specificitiesRead more