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We can construct an efficient and reliable solution allowing for production of SA series, by using state-of-the art methods and techniques and maintaining the closest control of your data quality.

Seasonality of the series is a significant factor in the explanation of fluctuations of the series, therefore taking it into account must be made in all interpretations or analysis.

By identifying and removing seasonality from original series we can give gives an insight into short-term trends because the seasonal effects can disguise important features of economic series such as:

  • Direction
  • Turning points
  • Consistency between other economic indicators

Through the implementation of a number of projects involving SA issues from the most diverse standpoint, HENDYPLAN has acquired a comprehensive vision of SA process both in terms of the application of sophisticated statistical and econometric techniques and the implementation within data production systems.

We have the solve in one shot the methodological and practical issues, hence providing a effective and practical tool with the highest scientific standards.

We have know-how in all the most commonly used SA software and we can provide the highest ranking expertise for each of them.

Try us: we analyse your data and your production and we propose you the most effective tool and the most efficient system.


know-howwe have know-how in all the most commonly used SA software


customizationall our solutions are integrated in clients’ context and environment

time/money saving

time/money savingwe help clients to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible


efficientthe systems we construct are fast, safe, and flexible